Month: January 2016


Throughout the history of Israel, no matter how far off they strayed from YHVH, they would always seek out a prophet to bring them a word, or an answer from Him. People are no different today…they go their own way, but when they are faced with some difficulties in their lives, they seek out someone they believe is close to YHVH and can give them a word from Him. One day, people will suddenly find themselves without the means to reach YHVH. He tells His servants when to speak and when to remain silent. There will be a time when people seek to find His word, but they will NOT find it. They did not value His word…they did not treasure it and store it up for the times of famine and darkness. They will find themselves without The Bread of life and NOTHING will quench or satisfy their hunger. His word goes out this very minute, but how many pay attention? How many take heed? How many are concerned? People think they have all of the time in the world and that there is NO urgency at all. They think surely Yeshua delays His return. How long until the teachers and prophets are silenced? How long until the flock finds itself without a shepherd? You never value what you have, until it is gone… Behold the days ARE...

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Imagine what the Children of Israel felt as they stood with their backs to the sea and watched the army of Pharaoh thundering down upon them. Imagine the fear, the terror, the certain feeling that they were doomed and nothing or no one could prevent them all from being crushed under the might of Egypt. It would have been very easy to feel lost, to lose all hope and to resign themselves to their certain fate. Our weak flesh can be very fatalistic. Abba challenges us to trust Him…to look to Him…to believe, to have hope and to trust. It is so easy to say, but so hard to put into practice. We all fear…as much as we would like to think that we do not, we do. This world has it’s claws deeply embedded in us and it does not want to let go. We do not want to let go of it either, we cling to what we know because we fear what we do not know. Our Elohim, IS the Elohim of the impossible. What did He do for the Children of Israel on that day when it looked like they were all going to die under the chariots and swords of Pharaoh’s army? He did the impossible…He made a way where there was no way. He delivered His people from the most powerful army that...

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