Month: March 2016


The big difference between the Appointed Times of YHVH and the observances created by man, is that the Appointed Times POINT to something. Abba asks us to observe the Appointed Times in an annual cycle…there is a reason for that! The Appointed Times tell a story…they are alive…they teach us and they remind us of the plan that YHVH is working out here on this earth. Our lives are NOT pointless, we are here for a reason and His Appointed Times tell the story. What do the observances of man point to? Greed, lies, deceit, a distraction, another opportunity to market and sell, a counterfeit observance instead of what YHVH put in place for all time. Man’s attention is easily diverted and the observances set up by men are designed to attract and lure people in. They are dressed up and disguised as ‘religious’ observances, so that they are pleasing and lead one to believe that they are obeying their Creator. He has already given us the days we are to observe and He set them in place forever…He commands us to observe them forever. Should we observe the days that men have created and passed off as ‘religious’ days of observance, or should we look to YHVH and observe the days that He set in place forever? The days YHVH commands us to observe take us on a...

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No matter how strong we think we are, we doubt. We struggle, we wrestle, we go back and forth…one moment riding high on our faith and the next moment crashing down amidst fear and doubt. It is our flesh and we struggle day to day to put it down and overcome it. How weak our flesh is and how easily we are driven to hopelessness, eagerly giving in to despair and accepting failure as our lot in life. It is easier to believe in the reality of failure, then to hope for that which we do not think possible. Our minds hand us defeat, while everything in us is clinging to faith and trust. The adversary comes when we are weak…he whispers lies and convinces us that all hope is lost. He urges us to give in, to give up and he convinces us of failure. He robs those who succumb to his lies of their faith, hope and trust…those things that we need to endure to the end and inherit the Kingdom of Elohim. Abba did NOT call us out to fail! He does NOT put impossible tasks before us. He does NOT abandon us in the midst of a fiery trial. It is in those times that we MUST cling to Him and LISTEN to His voice above all else, as He beckons us onward… Romans 8:35-39...

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Abba has a way of shaming us and cutting us down like no one else can. We NEED to be slapped down on occasion. We ALL start getting pretty full of ourselves and patting ourselves on the back for what we have and what we have accomplished. We are nothing… and apart from Him we are lost. Just wandering this earth trying to find our place and our purpose. If all we are focused on is here, then we are among the most narrow minded. There is a far greater purpose to this life. It takes being cut down to start realizing this world does not exist to serve us, or be used by us. It ALL belongs to Him…ALL. He allows us to do things, He allows us to have things, He allows us to live within His Creation. There is NOTHING for us to boast about. Whatever state we find ourselves in, we should count it all joy and even in the midst of trial and test we KNOW He cares about us. He is standing right there encouraging, guiding, nudging…He wants us to be successful and He wants us to inherit the Kingdom. When you get cut down, do NOT give up or give in! Realize it will pass, even though it may not feel like it. Abba does NOT want us to get too comfortable...

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The past few months have been an intense time of learning, growing, seeking, listening and waiting on YHVH for me. We must be sensitive to His influence, His guidance and the oftentimes gentle pressure He exerts on us to go one way or another. Sometimes we must pursue Him and sometimes we must wait. Sometimes His answer is immediate and clear and other times it is soft and subtle. When we move forward without Him, it is a struggle. We are weak and give in to pressure, and we become powerless when we should be strong. Many people will give in to a system that is rising even now, because they will not be able to bear up under the pressure of what may be taken from them and the threat of what may happen to them. Everyone has their breaking point…everyone. We can talk big things and tell ourselves that we can endure anything, but that is not so. It is through Him that we are made strong and we have nothing to boast about. If we are to make it into YHVH’s Kingdom, it is because we are surrendered to Him in every way and because we are looking to Him and resting in His Promises, to those who love Him and who are obedient to Him. If we are not continuing to grow, then we are...

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Why do people flirt with YHVH? They act as if they are committed to Him, but hold back. They profess to be His, but deep down inside they reserve themselves. It is very dangerous to play games with YHVH. He is looking for those who are committed to Him in every way and NOT those who just give Him lip service. There is a HUGE difference in professing to be His and in showing yourself to be His. Yes, there is a cost…you MUST give up everything else and surrender yourself fully and completely to Him. No more pursuing your own desires and wishes. Many people truly do NOT understand what it means to surrender completely to Him. Sometimes we have to have a Job experience to get things into perspective and realize who our provider and sustainer truly is. If we love Him and if we truly want to dwell with Him for eternity in His Kingdom, why are we not pursuing that goal with all of our energy, resources, heart, soul and mind? Where you spend your time and energy, is what is truly important to you. What if YHVH took everything away? What would you do then? Where would your faith be then. Somehow we seem to think our lives are going to continue on as normal and when Yeshua comes we will just walk away...

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