Month: May 2016


There is such a lack of commitment among people in this world. People jump from one thing to another and from place to place…tossed about, blown about…following every whim and desire and NEVER settling down. The only real commitment they have is to themselves. They idolize themselves and worship ‘ME’. Groupthink has completely leavened our society and turned people into followers who can no longer reason or make decisions for themselves. There is a crowd mentality and an attitude that has robbed people of the ability to think and stand for themselves…they hesitate, to see what everyone is else is doing and thinking first before they act. Sadly, that same attitude is found among those who call themselves believers. That is NOT the attitude and example we see among those first followers of The Way is it? They were committed to YHVH first and then to one another. There were those who followed Yeshua for a time and left, but those closest to Him, those who were COMMITTED, stayed with Him and left everything else behind. He warns us to count the cost if we are to follow Him and NOT to turn back. Luke 9:57-62 57 And it came to be, as they journeyed on the way, that someone said to Him, “Master, I shall follow You wherever You go.” 58 And יהושע said to him, “The foxes...

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The real message that Yeshua brought has been so skewed and changed around, that it does not even resemble what He actually said. He did NOT bring a message about Himself! He brought a warning and hope…the Kingdom of Elohim is at hand. His message is one of urgency, a call to action and a call to prepare for what is coming. That sense of urgency has been lost. Even though He warned repeatedly about those who would grow lax and complacent, and about those who would be fully immersed in the world, and about those who would not be paying attention, we see it happening all around us. It has been for some time… Many people have good intentions and they honestly believe that they are following YHVH, but there is also a lack of wanting to sincerely seek out the truth. Most are happy with following what they have been told YHVH wants. Many of those in positions to teach have failed those they are in a position to help. A degree in Theology does not make one a teacher of YHVH’s Word. Some know the truth, yet teach doctrines that are in error anyway. That grieves me deeply… Those who are teaching people to disobey the commands of YHVH are going to have a lot to answer for and they WILL stand before the Righteous Judge...

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If you are afraid to examine your own beliefs, then you will never grow and be transformed into the person that YHVH wants you to be. We are the ones who hold ourselves back. We do not like to take responsibility for our actions and we are very good at finding excuses for our failures. We try to reconcile things for ourselves and we justify what we do, or do not do to make ourselves feel better. Have you ignored the nagging that is telling you something is not quite right? Is Abba tapping you on the shoulder and asking you to take a good hard look at something you hold near and dear? Do you REALLY want the truth of His Word, or do you want to remain blissfully unaware of what He wants from those whom He is calling out? You ARE the one who must make the decision…you can take a good, honest, hard, long look at what you believe and why or you can just continue on in the way YOU are going. You can tell yourself that everything is fine and there is no reason to even consider that you may be in error. That’s ok…many are called, but few are really chosen. When everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes and claiming it is from YHVH, do we really believe...

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How can we NOT stand before Him with fear and trembling? How can we NOT revere Him and fall on our faces in His Presence? How can we NOT humble ourselves and submit ourselves to Him and His Will? How can we dare to walk in pride before Him? Is there no fear of Elohim among His People? The love of many HAS grown cold… We lose sight of our calling and purpose. His People NEED to get back to the basics of learning who they are and what it means to be His. How many have truly made teshuvah and understand what that means? How much time do we really spend engaging with Him and His Word? We MUST stay firmly planted and rooted in His Word and STOP chasing after foolish doctrines and those who bring them. It is a little flock…remember? If possible even the chosen ones will be lead astray? Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 13 Let us hear the conclusion of the entire matter: Fear Elohim and guard His commands, for this applies to all mankind! 14 For Elohim shall bring every work into right-ruling, including all that is hidden, whether good or whether evil. Always, seek the truth…rethink, relearn, return.    ...

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Do we really recognize the enormity of what was done to give us the opportunity to inherit the Kingdom of Elohim? Do we fully appreciate what our Elohim did to redeem us? How much did it cost to make a way for us to receive eternal life in His Kingdom? We get SO caught up in other things, that we lose sight of what is right before us…we MUST be reconciled back to Him. We were separated from Him…our transgression of His Torah put up a wall that stood between us and Him. There had to be a plan to tear that wall down and provide access again. Mankind has ALWAYS needed a savior…we cannot redeem ourselves. There had to be One willing to lay down His Life for us…to take the penalty we earned, in our place. Yeshua emptied Himself, He humbled Himself and took on the same weak flesh we live in so that He could be our Redeemer. He gave Himself for those whom Abba is calling out of this world. All of those who will inherit The Kingdom owe EVERYTHING to Him! He gave Himself for us, for those who went before us and for all of those who come after us. Before we were even born into this world, He gave Himself so that we might truly have life. We were ALL dead in...

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