Month: October 2016


There is great peace in complete surrender to YHVH. To give everything up to Him completely without holding anything back brings a calm and a release from worry and anxiety. He is waiting to loose our bonds, but we must be willing to surrender them. We hold onto the very things that keep us enslaved, when it IS His desire that we be free. True freedom…do we really know what that means? We all suffer to varying degrees in this physical life and there are many challenges to be faced. Even those who appear to have everything, still have affliction and there are things that they must overcome. We are here to learn and grow into the people that YHVH desires for us to be. One of the greatest lessons that we MUST learn from this physical life is that it is VERY temporary and that there is a much bigger purpose and plan being worked out here. The sacrifice that YHVH has wanted all along from each of us, is ourselves…to give ourselves up to Him in complete and total surrender, trusting and relying on Him for ALL things. It is easy to say and MUCH harder to do. Our flesh does NOT surrender easily…it fights and resists giving in and giving up. We want control and in our blindness we seek to satisfy the wants and needs...

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The Appointed Times of YHVH are still as important and relevant now, as they were when YHVH gave them to Yisrael…even more so. The Appointed Times illustrate and show us His Plan and what He is working out here in His Creation. I see people take the Appointed Times out of context and downplay their relevance…each one is an IMPORTANT picture of a step in YHVH’s Plan. There IS yet a future fulfillment for each of the Appointed Times…they are NOT over with! We are in a season that points to some BIG events in YHVH’s Plan and they are YET to occur. We are told to observe them FOREVER, throughout the generations. Many people do NOT see the bigger picture and they do NOT understand how and why things are happening, because they fail to see the importance and relevance of the Appointed Times. Each one has a purpose, each one points to something important. Events in this world WILL unfold according to His Plan and the picture we are given. Do NOT be deceived on this! The Appointed Times have NOT reached their completion and it is important that we observe them in their context so that we are reminded and keep our eyes on YHVH at ALL times. When our Messiah is ruling and reigning on this earth these days will STILL be observed! It WILL...

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Know Abba

We MUST have relationship with our Abba if we want to TRULY know Him. Relationships take work and you MUST invest in them. To truly understand our Elohim, we have to see things as He sees them, we must think as He thinks, we must reason as He reasons and we must discern as He discerns. If we want to really understand His word and what He wants from us, we NEED to know Him as He is. The deep things that are within His word are only revealed to us, when we truly come to understand and know Him. Our Elohim is a mystery to the majority and to many of those who call themselves believers. It is not that He hides, or that He keeps things from those who are His…it is because people fail to seek Him. If you love someone…I mean REALLY love someone, you want to know everything about them that you can possibly learn. You want to know what makes them who they are. You want to understand how they feel about things and how they think about things and how they see things. You want to know and understand from their perspective…it is ONLY then that you truly come to know someone. Many people think they hear from Him, yet do things that do not line up with what He asks us...

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