Month: November 2016


When did you stop dreaming? Who took your hope? What happened to your desire? Where is your passion? Why have you allowed yourself to become a victim of your circumstances? The people of YHVH ARE dreamers…the people of YHVH MUST have vision. Proverbs 29:18 18 Where there is no vision, the people are let loose, But blessed is he who guards the Torah. Many people are stuck where they are because they have given up. Many have accepted their situation and have quit reaching and striving for something better. They have convinced themselves that they must accept where they are as their position in life and some have convinced themselves that where they are is YHVH’s will for them. Why have you stopped dreaming? The calling that YHVH puts on His people is ALL about growing, reaching and striving ALWAYS to become something better. His people are to be transformed! How can you be transformed and changed when you have no vision and no dreams? Did you think you would just wait around for YHVH to do it all for you? Our Messiah told a story about that…there was a man who took what he was given and buried it. He was AFRAID to dream! He had NO vision! He accepted where he was at in life and did NOT even try or make an attempt to better himself!...

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How many people believe they are doing ‘works’ in His Name, when they are really following after what they want to do? How can you say that you are doing things in His name, when you are really seeking after your own wants and desires? It is SO easy to become convinced that your cause is righteous and that YHVH is on your side…MANY have and many have failed. The prophets spoke ONLY what YHVH gave them to speak! They brought HIS WORDS to the people who HE SENT them too. They were submitted to Him completely and they surrendered their lives to Him to do with as He pleased. They were sent to speak to people who hated them, despised them and even killed them. They were humiliated and endured difficult and sometimes harsh circumstances to do the will of YHVH. They were willing to suffer, to go where He asked them to go and endure whatever hardship was put upon them…they were His and did His will. The TRUE prophets of YHVH were NOT the popular men of their day. They were NOT the teachers everyone was seeking or looking to. They did NOT have huge followings and they did not put on events. They did what they were called to do no matter what the cost and they remained obedient and submitted to YHVH. They remained...

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