Month: January 2017


It all begins innocently enough…you give in here, make a change there, start to justify things you once wanted nothing to do with. You begin to accept things that make you think for just a moment…that you may be crossing a line, but then quickly convince yourself that it is ok after all. Things you once stayed far away from, you now begin to see and think of as harmless. Compromise is a subtle deceiver… Compromise comes in slowly, subtly, it masks itself and begins a process of change that you are not even aware of. Once the door is ajar, it continues to creep open further and further…you allow yourself to question, to doubt and you cross the line again and again, each time becoming easier than the time before. You lose reason and passion…you become entangled and unable to separate yourself, you sink deeper and deeper into the mire of confusion. Sacred cows come in all shapes, sizes, colors types and for many different reasons and purposes. Those who have them always justify their existence and consider them harmless. They dress them up in many different ways and heap affection and adoration on them. Even those sacred cows that have been put to death and removed, somehow rise up again and work themselves back into the lives of people, to become worshiped and adored once again. All...

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The Journey

How could any of us have known the journey we would begin, when Abba tapped us on the shoulder and started to reveal His Truth to us? Twists and turns, hills and valleys, paths well traveled and paths seldom seen…joy and sadness, laughing and crying, people in, people out, dead ends, forks in the road, rabbit trails and gigantic mountains placed right in our way that stop us in our tracks…overwhelming us with their magnitude and size, leaving us at a loss as to how we will ever conquer the obstacle in front of us. Some give up, some grow tired, some become lost, some become discouraged and some even turn around and start the trek back to where they began, giving up on the journey altogether. We lose things, we gain things, we throw off things that are weighing us down and we pick up new things along the way that make the trip easier. Along the way we are changed…forever changed. Purified, refined, transformed, strengthened, focused, committed and equipped. We learn to speak a new way, understand things we had never considered before, shown things our eyes would never see on their own, think in ways we have never thought before…we become new and the old has gone away. Still…the road that leads to The Kingdom of Elohim always beckons us onward, always onward. There is a...

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