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It all begins innocently enough…you give in here, make a change there, start to justify things you once wanted nothing to do with. You begin to accept things that make you think for just a moment…that you may be crossing a line, but then quickly convince yourself that it is ok after all. Things you once stayed far away from, you now begin to see and think of as harmless. Compromise is a subtle deceiver… Compromise comes in slowly, subtly, it masks itself and begins a process of change that you are not even aware of. Once the door is ajar, it continues to creep open further and further…you allow yourself to question, to doubt and you cross the line again and again, each time becoming easier than the time before. You lose reason and passion…you become entangled and unable to separate yourself, you sink deeper and deeper into the mire of confusion. Sacred cows come in all shapes, sizes, colors types and for many different reasons and purposes. Those who have them always justify their existence and consider them harmless. They dress them up in many different ways and heap affection and adoration on them. Even those sacred cows that have been put to death and removed, somehow rise up again and work themselves back into the lives of people, to become worshiped and adored once again. All...

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The Journey

How could any of us have known the journey we would begin, when Abba tapped us on the shoulder and started to reveal His Truth to us? Twists and turns, hills and valleys, paths well traveled and paths seldom seen…joy and sadness, laughing and crying, people in, people out, dead ends, forks in the road, rabbit trails and gigantic mountains placed right in our way that stop us in our tracks…overwhelming us with their magnitude and size, leaving us at a loss as to how we will ever conquer the obstacle in front of us. Some give up, some grow tired, some become lost, some become discouraged and some even turn around and start the trek back to where they began, giving up on the journey altogether. We lose things, we gain things, we throw off things that are weighing us down and we pick up new things along the way that make the trip easier. Along the way we are changed…forever changed. Purified, refined, transformed, strengthened, focused, committed and equipped. We learn to speak a new way, understand things we had never considered before, shown things our eyes would never see on their own, think in ways we have never thought before…we become new and the old has gone away. Still…the road that leads to The Kingdom of Elohim always beckons us onward, always onward. There is a...

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When most people go off track, it is not because they intentionally set out to disobey YHVH. A lot of people become victims of listening to unlearned and unqualified ‘teachers’ who have no depth of understanding themselves. To disobey is to transgress the commands of YHVH and it does not matter how it comes about, it is still transgression. Many people seem to think that YHVH has changed and softened, and given his people license to change and reinterpret His Word for themselves. That is NOT what our Messiah came here for! It is that word obey that really disturbs people isn’t it? People want ALL of the promises and ALL of the blessings that YHVH offers, but they just can’t get past that obedience thing. They expect to live the way they want, change His Word to fit what they want to do and even redefine what His Word means. The transformation of His People IS a process and He leads us on a path for a reason. We CANNOT take The Kingdom by force, it is His Way and it has ALWAYS been His Way. Do you want to be one of those found at the wedding supper who has no wedding garment to wear? Our journey begins with obedience and we move forward from there…His Way. When we become His, our way no longer matters. Matthew...

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Syncretism…BEWARE People of YHVH! Syncretism is weaving its way deceitfully into the doctrines and beliefs of many. Syncretism seeks to combine, corrupt and mix differing beliefs and practices into one. Israel fell victim to syncretism over and over, even though YHVH warned them specifically about doing that very thing…He KNEW they were going to fall into that practice. That is why His people are to guard…GUARD His Commands. Even though Dani’el and his friends were taken to Babylon captive, they still guarded the commands of YHVH. Even under the penalty and the threat of death, they remained true to YHVH! Syncretism is so much a part of so many belief systems, that most people do not understand what it means to TRULY set themselves apart. Many do not even believe that it is possible to set themselves apart in this world, yet that is EXACTLY what our Abba calls us to do. Syncretism is alive and well today…it continues to penetrate and weave its way into the thoughts, beliefs and practices of many. That syncretized system of beliefs is EXACTLY what we have been warned to watch out for! Matthew 13:45-50 45 “Again, the reign of the heavens is like a man, a merchant, seeking fine pearls, 46 who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it. 47...

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Surrender…what does that really look like? What does it really mean? Complete, total and utter surrender…a giving up of who WE are, what WE have, what WE want. We can deceive ourselves very easily and make what WE want so big, overpowering and controlling in our lives that we shut out what YHVH is trying to show us. Overcoming ourselves is the greatest challenge we face and it is easy for us to head down a wrong road and become convinced of what we are doing, when we believe that our cause is righteous…OUR cause. Are you truly listening to Abba, or are you hearing what YOU want to hear? How much are you willing to lay down and sacrifice, to surrender yourself to YHVH? Even in our sacrifice, we MUST be in complete surrender to Him. We must allow Him to show us what needs to be removed, what needs to be laid down and what needs to be given up. We can’t really be within His will, if we have not sacrificed ALL to Him. The things YOU want, must be laid on the altar and surrendered. Do you want His will to be done in your life, or do you want your will to be done and to say that it is His? To surrender completely, fully and without reservation is to empty yourself…and then allow...

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