HaEmet 365 Selah
by Jeff L Mills

There is much more to the word of YHVH, then what appears at face value. If we just read and understand topically, we are missing out on the real depth and wealth of His word. There are things that must be reflected on deeply, to glean the real meaning and understanding of what He desires His people to see.

His word should inspire deep thought and contemplation, on the part of those who call on and believe in Him. To truly understand His word we have to seek, search and dig. We have to allow His Spirit to guide us into understanding. This book is intended to inspire deeper thought and greater interaction with the word of YHVH.

There are riches contained within His word in such abundance, that we can never possibly exhaust them no matter how long we have studied, or how much understanding we have acquired. His word is a living word that continues to deliver His instruction to those who love Him and keep His commands. May each of us continue to explore His word, always seeking deeper and greater understanding as we are transformed into the people that He truly wants us to be.

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