Living A Set-Apart Life
by Jeff L Mills

When we come into a relationship with our Father, there are requirements that we must meet as His people. There is a change expected of us…we are to undergo a transformation and become a new people. We are not to continue on in our old way of life, we are to live a life that reflects our faith and commitment to our Father. We are to put the old person that we were away…we are made over into people who are committed to doing the will of YHVH and who become conformed to the image of Yeshua.

The old man is buried and dies, the new man takes his place. The plan of YHVH was to have a special people, set apart to Him, to be an example to the rest of the world…a living example and testament to the world, of what living by the word of YHVH brings.

Abba is still looking for people to be set-apart to Him…a people who do His will and live by His word. Just as he freed Israel from the bondage they were under in Egypt, which pictured this world and its ways, He is still freeing people from the bondage of this world and teaching them His ways. He wants them to be an example and a witness to the world, of the blessings that come from living by His word.

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