The Creators Appointed Times: In Depth
by Jeff L Mills

The Creator and Sustainer of the universe, the Almighty Elohim, has ordered and put into place specific days of the year for special observance by His people. These days have a very specific relevance and meaning, in relation to the plan that The Creator is working out on this earth and for all of mankind. Put together, these days tell the story of what The Father is doing and why. These days reveal the incredible plan that The Father has put into motion that will both amaze and leave you in awe at the incredible hand of Our Father. This book reveals that plan as it is laid out for us, step by step in scripture.

It has taken a while for this project to be realized. I began working on this book over two years ago, but all things happen according to YHVH’s timetable and not ours. There were things that He wanted me to see and incorporate into this book, before it was published. In many ways I believe a book like this is never complete, there are always new truths that come to light and the Creator continues to reveal Himself with more clarity, through His Word and His Spirit. If just one person comes to a new, or deeper understanding and a more intimate and close relationship with the Father through this work, then all of my efforts will have been rewarded. All glory, praise and honor to YHVH, the Most High Elohim. Hallelu Yah!

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